Gauranga Yoga & Holistic Naturecure By Dr. Madhav Kirti Das

Naturopathy Guide Program SNTTC The Science of Nutrition-Therapy Treatment Course Batch#622

Date & Time

Sat, Jun 4 2022, 9:00 am to Sun, Jun 26 2022, 12:30 pm

(UTC timezone)


Event Details

Knowledge is the power to use money and the mind to keep body and soul fit. Join SNTTC awareness Program before it's too late for your health.

You will be knowing:-

-About Physical & Metaphysical body.

-Basic Anatomy & Detailed Natural Physiology of Body.

-pH Digestive Medium for good health.

-When & Which Pathy to approach for treatment.

-Alkalosis & Acidosis Food process & Preservation.

-Detoxification process for Home only.

-Other Therapy within the home is used for various illnesses (Natural & Nutraccuitical)

Program:- "The Science of Nutrition-Therapy & Treatment Course" (SNTTC)

Date:- 4th June 2022 to 26th June 2022 (Only on Weekends Saturdays & Sundays)

Daily Timing:- 9 am to 12.30 am with Break (India) Every Saturday & Sunday.

Language:- English & Hindi.


  1. To run this batch we need a minimum of 5 registration in case of lesser than 5 participants you may be asked to join in the next batch or you can opt for a private class batch.
  2. The purpose of this program is to make you fully understand CCCS (Cure Commerce Conspiracy and Science) of health and related issues of the modern health system providers. You will be able to cure all acute & Chronic diseases naturally without any drugs.

Course Donation:- INR 10000/- USD 200/- AUD 275/- CAD 250/- AED 725/-. Please What's App Us at +91-9811029642 for donation-related issues if any. This donation is fully refundable or adjustable in case of cancellation due to any reason either from your side or our side.

If you are joining from outside India then kindly pay through the PayPal link at

or You can Directly Make a Transfer to the Account

Giriraj Gau Seva Trust

Current Account No - 40717827676

IFSC - SBIN0010313

State Bank of India (SBI)

Branch - Goverdhan Mathura U.P. India

What's App me at +91-9811029642 after making payment to confirm your enrolment.

About the Faculty (Lecturer/Guru):- Dr. Madhav Kirti Das (Ph.D. ND DHC YD PGDYEd PGDYS E-RYT500 CYAI MBA) Naturopathy Physician International Health Coach & Holistic Yoga Guru and Founder of the Institutions:-

  1. Holistic Naturecure & Yoga Research Foundation (An NGO) Rishikesh UK
  2. Gauranga Yoga Peeth (Regd. Yoga School affiliated with Yoga Alliance USA) and
  3. Giriraj Gau Seva Trust (Spiritual Care Services) at Radhakund Mathura (India)

SNTTC Program Discussion on -

~ Introduction and Starting of Syllabus - Origins of All Healing System and their principle practice and effects.

~ Ayurvedic Anatomy & Physiology

~ Concept of Disease Energy Distribution system Anatomy & Physiology Introduction as Per modern Medical Science.

~ Digestive System & Immunity - Related Disease. 

~ Circulatory System - Related Disease and theory of Acid Alkaline.

~ Respiratory System - Related Disease and Importance of Asana & Pranayama.

~ Principles & Theory of Naturopathy & Application.

~ Detoxifier within Detoxification & Principle of Fasting. 

~ Various Therapy of Naturopathy 5 Elemental Balance.

~ Principle of Healthy Food Combination and Cooking Guide for health and Immunity.

~ Chronic Disease Management.

~ Acute Disease Management.

~ Question & Answer Interaction session Doubts Clearance Testimonial about this course etc. and end of the course.

Course Topic Covers-

  • Naturopathy Concept Philosophy & Implementation
  • Ayurvedic & Modern Anatomy Physiology
  • Immunity Management
  • Nutrition (Food) Management
  • Introduction/Importance of Alkaline & Base and it's forming food
  • Five Elements Balance & Management 6. Detoxification- Clear Out
  • Factors of disease and Natural Solution
  • Effect of Yoga & Pranayama on Health
  • Stages of Disease and Management
  • The intervention of Natural Therapy in critical cases.
  • Understanding other Pathy Principal & identify the event of their intervention
  • Understanding Cure through Spiritualism
  • Administering Natural Therapy at Home etc.

Benefits of this Course :

  • You will be able to handle pandemics fearlessly without drugs.
  • You will learn the most confidential health prevention and therapeutic knowledge kept hidden by the modern education system.
  • This is the Shortest period to finish and have a complete education understanding and guide of Naturopathy right from Home
  • Learning opportunity on how to apply natural therapy at home in various illnesses.
  • You will be understanding your kitchen is best point of alternative medicine and bathroom a therapy corner for health management naturally
  • You will be always in guidance for a lifetime with the health coach at any doubts problems clarification
  • You will be assigned to help people in your location/geographic region to educate them locally
  • A complete idea on a detox diet and actual yoga-pranayama as a therapeutic system.
  • You will be able to guide society on this health matter with high confidence.
  • Subject matter course reference or available soft material will be provided etc.

How to Join Classroom Online:- The Online Classroom platform details will be shared on your what's app 24 hours before the course commencement.

Terms & Condition:-

  • Fee once paid is not refundable but adjustable.
  • You can adjust to the next batch course/program/seminar/workshop.
  • Total fees less granted discounts if any must be paid before the course will start.
  • After payment must get into our course what's app group to stay updated about the course.

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